My Buying Criteria

I am not just a Real Estate agent that can help you buy or list a property.

I am an active Real Estate Investor that will buy your property! 

If listing a property on the market just doesn't make sense to you, for whatever reason, here are multiple ways I am willing to purchase your property today:

Cash Offer - I can move quickly and make you a cash offer of up to 75% of current fair market value - AS IS!

Seller Financing - Whether you own your home free and clear, or have an underlying mortgage, I can close quickly and have an attorney draw up all the paperwork to take over all ownership responsibilities of the property. I will pay up to 103% of current market value with a seller financing option - and pay all of your closing costs!

Lease with Option to Buy - If you would rather have us pay you a rent payment, and let us finalize the purchase of your property down the road, we can do that too. I will pay up to 100% of current market valued if I enter a lease with option to buy agreement with you.

Disclaimer: If you are not in a hurry to relinquish your ownership of the property, you can afford to wait for a traditional buyer to cash you out, the home does not need many repairs, and you want top dollar - I believe you should always sell your home on the market with an agent. 

Reasons to Sell Me Your Home:

- Expired Listing - Is the home not selling on the market for ANY reason?

- Inherited home - Don't want to deal with all the personal effects or costs to update home and sell for top dollar?

- Divorce - Need to sell quickly and cannot wait for a market sale?

- Tired of Tenants - Have tenants trashed your property or are you just tired of managing the property?

- Low Equity - Have other agents told you that you owe too much on your home to sell and pay agent commissions?